Why Fortnite is the better than PUBG

In this review ill be talking about fortnite one of the fastest growing games ever made. fortnite is a battle royal game where 100 people get on a bus and they drop on the battle ground a fight it out to see who gets the #1 victory royal also the most important part is its free. PUBG (players unknown battle grounds) is more realistic where still 100 people get on a plane and they drop somewhere in Russia to battle and the winner gets a chicken dinner. But PUBG dropped before Fortnite so players played that but when a popular PUBG player started to play Fortnite and do streams everyone started to play it. But Fortnite is still in beta and so is PUBG but PUBG is 30$ and you get access to everything but on Fortnite their is a thing called a battle pass which includes emotes, skins, harvesting tool and gliders but the thing is it cost 1000 V-bucks and it cost money to get V-bucks 10$ for 1000 but if you buy save the world which is the campaign of Fortnite it is 40$ but you can get infinite V-bucks but sooner in 2018 save the world will be free to play to all players. in PUBG theirs no campaign just battle royal for 30$ but you can buy some in game currency called BP and you can buy loot crates for 700 which give you clothes to wear in battle.

Overall Fortnite has stolen all of the PUBG players but the people who could not buy PUBG just went to Fortnite. but there are very many famous PUBG players who went over to Fortnite like ninja, mythe and drdisrepect. but fortnite started to be made around 2012 but they didn’t release it until just recently and they have made so much money that they don’t even need to make the non beta version but they are good creators and are making a real game but PUBG is has the more realistic side since fortnite is a fantasy game but PUBG is kind of also a fantasy. When i first saw these games and heard about them i heard about PUBG first from my brother he said this really cool game came out you we have to buy it so i watched some youtube videos about it then i scrolled down and then i saw a fortnite video so i was thinking after that these are basically like the hunger games but with guns so then i went on my xbox ready to buy fortnite but it was free. the graphics have also came a really long way from the beginning they have increased from like 240 fps to like 1080 fps but PUBG has a lot of errors in its system like the picking up things is really bad and the graphics are really bad they have only been trying to get more battle maps in instead of better graphics. Fortnite has worked on all of their errors unlike PUBG so overall you should get fortnite. also fortnite every 2 months a new season comes out with a lot more skins like last season was space themed now this season is way better it is super hero themed. but you get 7 skins to use and 1600 V-bucks. The map may be a bit  smaller than the PUBG map but it is a lot of close range combat and you can also build walls like if you are playing and someone comes up to you and starts to hit you you can build a wall out of metal, brick and wood they all have different health but the more health they have the longer it takes to build and if the structure is damaged they can see through it and see if someone is inside of it healing.

PUBG has lots of cover since they can’t build they also have cars since the map is so big that if the circle is across the map they wont be able to make it by running so they have to drive and yes the cars do require gas once they run out. Fortnite doesn’t have cars since the map is so small they can make it to the next circle by meme padding ( launch pad) across the map. The best way to use a meme pad is by looking around the area and making sure there is nobody that will shoot down your bridge a sky bridge is something made out of ramps where you build all the way up and then use a meme pad so you can cover lots of ground the only reason you should be making a sky bridge is to use a meme pad. if you want to get better at the game you need to put your settings on combat pro and switch to another mat ( material) automatically. i’m not really a PUBG fan so i don’t know the best settings to put your stuff on so. With that being said overall Fortnite is the best for you to buy if you want a battle royal game.

CRR #3-meme


its because he made a Hitler youth but he called it the Wave so that kids would not know they are in a Hitler youth but then some smart kiddos realize that hey this is wrong. so the girl tries to stop them by writing an article but her friend ends up almost hurting her so they said hey look at what the Wave has done. so then the teacher is like alright ill fix this just get outta my house. he then shows the kids that there leader is Hitler and how easily they follow people and how blind they are. i wish they showed the part where he was arrested.

The Wave

why books are worse then comic books. (CRR 1)

I started out reading comic books at a very young age whenever i would fly to Texas to see my father and i would read his comic books. I started out reading DC vs. Marvel then i read all of his other comic books i never really was a book reader but whenever i’m in Texas we always go to Barnes and Noble and walk to the comic book section and read comic books. my dad would always read Deadpool since it is like 1000 pages long. my brother would read Justice League comic books. myself i love to read and watch the flash. the best part about reading comic books would have to be the drawings since you don’t have to imagine what they are talking about. when i was younger i would always read 2 comic book series that were at my library. Bone and Amulet. i started reading bone in 2nd grade and Amulet in 1st. bone was about 3 little white alien things and 2 humans going and saving the world from a evil dude I don’t remember since that was almost 6 years ago. Amulet is about these magical necklaces that have the power to summon magical things and there use to be a council of them but they were slayed by a amulet holder and he got away and was frozen in time. later in there is a young girl Emily and her little brother max she was worthy of having the amulet so she was paired up with the last amulet holder he was a old man. later they found a fox and they helped train her and protect her while she was still training. in one book the little boy who slaughtered all the council got thawed out of ice and was going after Emily for her amulet. you will have to find out the rest in bone and amulet 

The world of a Tirado

well its pretty normal when you have 2 older siblings except when your older brother is 15 and 6´6 and your sister is a drama queen and thinks she needs everything. but we dont know why my sister has normal height when our mom was almost 6´0 and dad 6´2 but my brother got unlucky one day in 6th grade he had to get surgery but i forgot why he was 5´11 in 6th. some summers we go to pipe creek Texas central of a lot of red necks and our dad lives in a neighbor hood where at least 50% of it is my family. i have 4 siblings 3 older 1 little. my oldest sister is alyssa she is pretty tall she is 5´10 and 20 years old my second oldest sibling is kristina yes with a k i dont know why but she is 18 and 5´7 now my oldest brother well he is about to be 16 and towering over all of us at the height of about 6´6 but he is a gentle giant trying to get into the air force academy and my little brother is joey he is 13 about 5´2. the world of tirado will be about how my family works since we are not your average family.